Monday, November 12, 2012

So How Did I Do?

I didn’t quite do everything on this list, but I did OK.  Here’s the breakdown: 

Finish the baby quilt, which will require a stop at the fabric store on my way home tonight

I got quite a bit done on the baby quilt but it’s not finished.  I hope to work on it some more tonight and have it finished this week. 

Sew a button onto a sweater, which will then be finished

                    Done.  Pix tomorrow. 

Cook a couple of meals, hopefully doubling one for the freezer

I cooked one meal, ham and pineapple with potato salad on the side, made extra potato salad so people can eat on that a few days.

Make refrigerator bread dough

                    Done.  Tonight’s supper is jambalaya, featuring a side of homemade bread.

Make a double batch of cookie dough and freeze half

                    Not even close.  I bought fudge grahams from Dollar General yesterday.

Knit a hat for a friend

                    Not only did I knit the hat for a friend, but I also knitted one for a baby, the child of Ayla’s


                    This one I accomplished heartily.


catherine said...

how do you make ham and pineapple (sorry if this is a dumb question, i don't each much meat). i got a pineapple from the store the other day and not sure what to do with it. it's my third pineapple in ten days (they were on sale for $1 at no frills)... i am tired of eating it in stir fries and in slices for breakfast... thanks, catherine

Penny said...

This is one of the easiest, and tastiest, recipes I make. When you peel and slice or dice the pineapple, try to catch some of the juice. I usually use turkey ham because it's cheapest except for sales around the holidays, but use whatever ham you want. Slice the ham into serving sized pieces, then sprinkle a little brown sugar on top, and pour the pineapple and juice over that. Cover, then bake til it's heated thru, about 30 minutes. Enjoy!

catherine said...

yum! i will see what's on sale at no frills tomorrow, looking forward to it.