Monday, November 19, 2012

I finished the baby quilt!

Finally.  Life kept conspiring against me and made this take longer than expected, but it’s all good.  It turned out adorable, although to me it sort of looks like a circus tent exploded.

Here's another view, with lousy lighting:

And here are my 2 year old grandchildren, the delights of my heart:

They had a blast taking turns pushing each other in the car, with a little help from Shane:


SheilaPCT said...

Love the quilt! So cute!! Is it flannel?

Penny said...

No, it's all cotton. But I did make him a few flannel receiving blankets and wash cloths.

Judy said...

Penny you outdid yourself again, that is so Cute! Miss Ayla is so Lucky to have You for a Mom!

Anonymous said...

Penny, the quilt is so cute. The grandkids are adorable and so sweet that they play so well together.