Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tacos. Your way.

Last night I cooked ground beef and added packets of taco seasoning.  I normally shy away from those seasoning packets but they’re definitely easy and my kids love the taste.  I was planning on taco salad so I fried up a bunch of corn tortillas into chips, and laid out all the toppings.  Sour cream, cheddar, avocado (59 cents for a huge one!), tomato, salsa.  As it turns out, the adult children wanted soft tacos, so they got out the flour tortillas.  The little one wanted meat, diced tomato and the homemade chips.  Hubby turned his into nachos by layering it all together and throwing it into the oven for 5 minutes.  And I had taco salad.  All the same type thing, but in varying forms and everybody was happy.  I also turned the prep into a 2 for 1 deal, while half the ground beef from that package was browning for the tacos I used the other half to make itty bitty meatballs, which I froze.  They will be a quick, easy addition to a crockpot vegetable soup some day in the future.
Remember the flannel robe I cut up for fabric?  Here are the pajama pants made from that, Drake slept in them last night and said he likes them, and Mimi is nice for making them for him.  What a sweet kid.


Rachel said...

Hi thanks fro stopping by was good to hear from you. Love the Jammie bottoms you made. I will be doing something similar myself soon as the Christmas prezzie rush is over. I have some flannelette sheeting that will become jammies for me and my partner him more the bottoms. Sounds like you have a sweetie for a son good for you!.
I also cook down any leftover veg and blend it using that for "stock" when making soups casseroles and stews. Hope all is well you side of the pond

Anonymous said...

Cute pants, Penny! Kim in AB

Penny said...

Thanks Kim! He looks cute in them.

And Rachel, thanks for checking out my blog! I'm enjoying yours as well.