Friday, October 12, 2012

Free fish!!

Yesterday my oldest daughter was given several pounds of amberjack, someone she knows had caught it the day before, it was cleaned and filleted, ready to cook.  But he couldn’t keep all of it so he gave some to her, and last night she cooked it on the outdoor grill.  I don’t eat fish but everyone said it was delicious.  I know there was a LOT left over so they can eat that while I’m gone this weekend, I'll be at a Christian retreat with the ladies from my church.  My youngest is in town to celebrate her birthday, and she made onion potatoes on the grill to go with it.  These couldn’t be simpler, here’s the “recipe”:

Cut potatoes into cubes.  They can be peeled, or not, whatever you want.  Toss them with some cooking oil and a package or 2 of dry onion soup mix, you know, the kind you use to make onion dip.  Either bake in the oven or put them in a foil pouch and throw them on the grill til they’re tender.  If I do them on the grill I like to open the top of the foil near the end of the cooking time and let them crisp a little, but that isn’t necessary. 

They also threw on a few hamburgers for me.  I don’t think April eats fish either so she may have had a burger as well.    


Anonymous said...

yes that was a good night i cant wait til we get together again. that was fun. we all pitched in and everyone was full and happy as a result =] good times good times. and thanks again for helping us out. i couldnt have asked for a better birthday =]

Anonymous said...

and yes i had a hamburger too =] but even though i generally dont like fish i ate a piece and it wasnt bad. it was good-for fish. it didnt taste all that fishy

Rachel said...

Hello Penny
Thanks so much for your comment I'm not very good at understanding how to sort out links and stuff to my blog. This is something I will be getting help with, just been so rushed of late. thank you for the prompt.will let you know. when its done Thursday I am hoping BTW good post.
all the best Rachel

Penny said...

Hey "Anonymous April", it was good to have you home for your birthday! I can't believe you ate fish. Ick.

Penny said...

Thanks Rachel, it's so much easier for me to follow a blog if the blogger sends it to my email! So I'll be watching for that feature.