Thursday, August 1, 2013

No pix

I dunno what's up with this site but lately I've been unable to post any pix at all. So many of my posts include pix, and since I can't show you what I've been up to, I've been pretty lax on posting lately. I hope this resolves itself soon. Meanwhile, let's talk!

Things have been pretty hectic at my house and I feel like I've accomplished NOTHING. I keep telling myself, this will only last for a finite period of time, then I can get back to normal. And I'm starting to see the end of the tunnel, but still. This dry spell where I have no time for creativity is starting to wear one me.

I've had a nasty eye infection and literally could not stand any light AT ALL for 4 days. I spent almost the entire 4th of July week in bed, in a darkened bedroom, with the covers over my head. I have never been so bored in all my life. I discovered the joys of audio books, since I couldn't do anything else I listened to books to pass the time. My weiner dog thought having Mom in bed all day was FANTASTIC, she got to sleep with me and snuggle under the covers, her favorite thing to do. During part of this time she was suffering from arthritis so we got to comfort each other. Win - Win situation!

During this time I also concluded that God has a sense of humor. I hear people say that all the time but now I get it. I've been whining for months how taking care of my infant grandson is exhausting for an "old lady" like me. Well, God gave me this ailment and made sure I got all the rest I needed, and then some! Haha, very funny. Now can I go back to my normal life? I promise I'll quit whining!!!


Wean said...

Hi, I hope your eye problem resolves itself soon it must be so frustrating for you ! I hate sitting still and have to be doing something all the time, so understand how you feel.
I'm working my way through your blog !
take care of yourself

Penny said...

Welcome! My eyes are doing MUCH better these days