Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A stolen blog topic

Katy Wolk-Stanley over at The Nonconsumer Advocate posted this on her blog yesterday:


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I’ve decided to rip off her idea and post some things that make me happy, maybe even add one that makes me not so happy. We’ll see as the post progresses…

1. My grandson falling asleep in my arms. There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby, and after he falls asleep I’d rather hold him than put him down and go do something else.

2. My group of close, caring, supportive friends. By close, I don’t always mean geographically close, most of them live far away. But I know they’re still there for me, no matter what.

3. All my parents and siblings, plus in-laws, are alive. Do you know how few people live to be my age without losing someone close to them? I’m very blessed.
4. A steady supply of good books to read, and eyesight good enough to read them.
5. Health. That might sound odd from someone battling psoriatic arthritis, feeling tired and achy and dizzy every day. But you know what? I get up and go to work, and do what I need to do, every day. Even when I don‘t want to. Even when I feel awful. I’m in a lot of pain right now as I type this but I’m at work, doing a good job and being a productive citizen, paying my own way in this world. Right now, in the breezeway outside my office, a homeless man sits in a wheelchair. He just got out of the hospital and the only place he had to come was back to the relative shelter of the awning over our church walkway. We stored a few things for him while he was away, to keep it safe. Today I’ve given him ice water a few times, and some food, and placed a couple of calls to see if I can either speed up his housing application or find a temporary place for him til the housing authority comes thru. Before anyone complains they should meet this man.

Something that makes me angry:

People who don’t appreciate the help they’ve been given and would prefer to be self-destructive and whiny instead of grabbing the opportunity to improve their lot in life. Nobody said it was gonna be easy, but we’re all in this boat together. Grab an oar already!

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Elaine Barfield said...

yes, these are many things to be thankful for. You said it better. I've noticed that, you are quite eloquent.