Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thinking ahead to Christmas

I’ve made an ornament for each year of my marriage, another for each year of Ayla’s life, and another for each year of April’s life with us.  Then they started having kids and making enough for all those people became WAY too much work.  I made ornaments for the past few years but never quite got them finished and on the tree in time.  So I’ve decided to finish some of those from past years and from now on, only make one for myself and one for each grandchild.  Seems fair, right?  I need to get started on those soon.     

A few years ago I decided to make most of the Christmas gifts I give.  I also weeded my list, I was exchanging with a lot of people out of habit, not because we truly wanted to.  Some of the people on my list are also experiencing financial strain, or their families have grown so large they want to focus on the kids/grandkids, or various other reasons why it was time to pare down the giving.  I really like to give gifts to those I'm closest to, but it's easy to become overwhelmed.  So, the list is manageable.  Now what?
Making things for the grandchildren is fun.  Plus they’re small, so any clothing I make for them comes together quickly.  I have tons of yarn I’ve been given by people who thought they wanted to learn to knit, only to discover they really didn’t want to after all.  I’ve also bought quite a bit from thrift stores.  So with this huge yarn stash, it’s a no-brainer, I knit them stuff.  This year I’m doing a sweater for Drake and a sweater dress for Lyla.    
I finished Drake's a few days ago.  Here it is:
I made this in about 2 weeks.  How much time I have to knit, sew and craft depends on a great many things but by starting early I should have time to finish all I've got planned.     


JudyinVegas said...

Penny we only do for our kids and Grands too, I have co-workers and some others but not many either, it is more fun for them, me and Tom just don't give each other gifts, I have been creative this year too, I will email you the pictures so everything is a surprise for them! I love your creativity with yarn and knitting, I am not a knitter at all, just a sewing girl! Love to You Sweetie and keep on posting!

Anonymous said...

My dh and I were so impressed with the beautiful sweater that you made for Drake. And it taking so little time to make too.

You are gifted indeed.