Friday, September 14, 2012

Anyone who says being a church secretary is just a job isn’t doing it right.

It’s a mission.  Or, it can be.  Yesterday I was given the opportunity to help someone, I truly made a difference in that person’s life.  The day before, I tried to help someone, I don’t know how effective my efforts were but she’ll always remember that I tried.  I try to treat every person who comes into my office equally, with the dignity they deserve.  I know, having been there myself, that when you’re down and out you aren’t always treated well.  The human race can be quite judgmental, and it’s sad when you’re on the receiving end of that judgment when the person doesn’t even know your story.  I pray I never do that to anyone who comes to me for help of any kind.  I know I have in the past but I’m part of that human race.  It’s something we all need to work on.

Now, off my soapbox…

My goal this week was to spend less than $100 and stock up for the month.  I spent $63 exactly at the discount grocery and another $1.50 at the health food store, leaving me $35 to spend at Sam’s tonight.  Right on target!  Each week the grocery store has a 49 cent special, this time it was a bag of sugar, which I needed anyway. The only other fantastic deal was a huge bag of chicken nuggets. Usually nuggets are maybe $5-7 for a 2-3 lb bag, but occasionally this place sells their store brand nuggets in a 10 lb bag for $14. They had some this week so I got that. Nuggets are an easy lunch when we’re out of leftovers or somebody doesn’t want a sandwich, I try to keep them around. Last time I bought a huge bag like this it lasted a long time, I just used the last of them this week. So that was a good deal. Oh yeah, and I got a HUGE box of cereal for Shane for $2.33, the small box of the SAME cereal was $2.98! Go figure!  So I picked the big one, naturally.  I’m not a fan of cold cereal, never considered it worth the money.  It’s expensive and you’re hungry again in no time.  But it was a good deal and he likes it, so I bought it.

That pot of Whatever we had for supper last night sure was good.  I have a roast in the crockpot for tonight’s supper.  

Tomorrow I’ll start getting ready for Lyla’s birthday party.  Here are the gifts I made for her:
The afghan was made entirely from yarn I had been given.  I started last year, shortly after their first birthdays, on afghans for both Lyla and Drake to use up some of my yarn stash. 
The pajama pants were supposed to be a Christmas gift but she’s grown so much recently that if I wait, they might not fit!  So they go into the birthday gift pile and I’ll make another pair before Christmas.      


Anonymous said...

You do such beautiful work on the gifts that you give. Lots of love put into each gift. The grandkids are sure to treasure these talents and love that you give to them.

We keep dry cereal for either a late night snack or a very rushed morning, but otherwise we prefer waffles for breakfast. Our little waffle iron sure gets a workout almost every morning of the week.

Great deals while shopping yesterday.

Penny said...

Thanks! I hope they appreciate the gifts when they get older. I love making pretty things for them.

Anonymous said...

aw man i think every household that serves sweet tea goes THROUGH some sugar haha. you cant buy afghans from you family at a store and it really means so much more when they hold a place in your heart. i am so glad that you have lyla in your life, the bond you get to have is so special. and congrats on your successes managed on a tight budget. you handle tough difficulties very well. i am proud to have you as my mom. you are really strong and im so grateful to have you enhance my life.

Anonymous said...

The September 17 post was so precious. I do not know if it was written by April, Ayla or even Steph. But all three of you are so blessed to have Penny (Mom, step-mom) in your life. She is one special person and adores all of you daughters and the grandkids too.

Count your blessings.