Thursday, June 6, 2013

Finally. Sewing success!!

I made a shirt for Drake out of an old tank top of mine, and some ribbing I bought.  It was plain, but it worked.  That is, until I tried to put it on him.  I had forgotten, this kid has the world’s most ginormous head!  I got it on him but some stitching came loose at the back of the neck.  He wore it anyway, it was his “favorite”, at least til Tahnee bought him a new shirt a few days later, now that one’s his favorite.  But that one has a “motorbicycle” on it, so I get it.  It would be my favorite too. 

When I fixed the neckline the next day, I enlarged the opening.  I had made the pattern myself so I enlarged that too.  And it seemed so plain…

Note to self: Decide on embellishments BEFORE you make clothing.  They are hard to add once the garment is finished!  But I got this pocket on, despite the high degree of difficulty.  I think it enhances the shirt, and it cost me nothing.  I cut it out of an old pair of baby pants.  This whole shirt cost me about a quarter.  And now that I know what to look for in ribbing, I can scavenge that from used clothes as well instead of buying it.    
On to other news...
Next week I’ll have a house full of company.  Relatives will be sleeping on every horizontal surface in my living room for a week.  I’ve decided to break out that last turkey I bought at Thanksgiving, that’ll provide a lot of meat with no additional outlay, and give me more room in my freezer.  Addition menu items for the week are bean burritos made with homemade refried beans, fried rice, Cajun chicken pasta, nachos, and possibly chicken strips marinated in Italian dressing.  All are inexpensive and easy, good for a crowd and good for the cook.       

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