Thursday, May 16, 2013

I’m in a cooking slump

For me, cooking is normally a no-brainer.  I can look at a pile of humble ingredients and throw them together to make something at least edible, and usually pretty tasty.  But I’ve lost my mojo.  Oh, I can still cook, I just don’t want to.  There’s no fun in it for me right now.  I know it’s because I’ve been feeling a bit burned out and stressed, the past few months have been pretty monstrous.  And I‘m tired.  I got a bit of a mini vacation last week, my BFF was in town for 3 days.  I stayed with her at a hotel in the evenings, I had to work during the day but she spent her day doing the things she needed to do, then we spent the evenings together.  It was refreshing.  I hope it was for her as well.

So now, no excuses.  Back in the saddle, as it were, time to take advantage of this little bit of momentum I have going and get busy.  I’ve been looking at recipes on the internet and found a few new ones I want to try, like this:

Looks simple, reasonably healthy, and delicious.  With this on the side:

And if I didn’t want to make the pancakes as the main dish, a nice roasted chicken would be a good meat to serve with them, yes?

And of course here in Florida, the heat is nearly upon us, so it’s time to stop using the oven and start relying on stovetop and crockpot recipes, so there’s this:

Is it just me?  Do others get bored with cooking, or with eating the same recipes over and over?  Do people appreciate your culinary efforts, or would they rather blow their money on the Dollar Menu?  And it’s not just cooking, I’m feeling restless in all areas of life, not sure what’s going to fix that but maybe it’s time to shake things up a bit.  Watch this space.


SheilaPCT said...

I'm right there with you! I've been looking thru cook books for inspiration and then went thru my pantry to see what dry goods have been in there a while and need using up. I made a list of meals I can make out of the pantry and freezer... sometimes you cook because you enjoy it, other times you just have to throw something together to get it on the table... ask others for suggestions and ideas... cook in bilk so you don't have to deal with it as often.... I think those pancakes sound good, with or with out a chicken!

Penny said...

Lists help me too, but lately I go to make a menu list and just sit there staring at blank paper, the only thing I can think of is whatever we ate the previous week. I'm just in a weird mood, I guess.