Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I had a simple, delicious meal planned for last night.  Baked ham, sweet potatoes, English peas.  Sounds good, right?  Then I got home and realized I hadn’t thawed the ham, which is not a huge problem.  Then I realized the sweet potatoes were starting to go bad!  So I had to rethink this entire meal.  I peeled the sweet potatoes and diced them, avoiding the icky spots.  I had half an onion left over, that got diced as well.  A sort-of-mangy bell pepper, some fresh broccoli that still looked good, and a handful of those English peas, and we’re in business.  I sautéed the veg with some madras curry powder, added some tomato sauce, dumped the whole thing over rice, and it was delicious!


Stretching the Pennies to Save the Pounds said...

only just found your blog that was very inventive . I hope I can be as creative once my cooking skills improve.

Penny said...

You'll get there! Don't be afraid to try new things, and ask advice of people whose skills you admire. Most cooks LOVE to share their knowledge.